Virtual Solo Competition

Results and Awards


Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2020 RMPA Virtual Solo Competition!  All solos have been given ratings by Brian Mason, the Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Professor of Percussion in the Dept. of Music, Theatre & Dance at Morehead State University, Morehead, KY.  The top 3 in each class have been selected by him and will be awarded prizes that are being provided by our sponsors, Vic Firth and the Zildjian Company.  In addition, he has selected Scholastic and Independent Sweepstakes winners that will be receiving a prize of $100 from RMPA.  Congratulations to the winners of RMPA’s first ever virtual competition!


Scholastic Snare 

FIRST PLACE - Tryggvi Holt from Centaurus HS

SECOND PLACE - Ava Cabanillas from Centaurus HS

THIRD PLACE - Stefan Wagner from Centaurus HS


Scholastic Marimba 

FIRST PLACE - Kevin Huth from Centaurus HS

SECOND PLACE - Annalie Haralson from Monarch HS

THIRD PLACE - Sophie Lindsay from Centaurus HS


Independent Marimba 

FIRST PLACE - Chase Llamzon from the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble


Scholastic Sweepstakes Winner 

Kevin Huth from Centaurus HS


Independent Sweepstakes Winner 

Chase Llamzon from the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble



FIRST PLACE winners will receive a VicFirth Classic stick bag and 2 pairs of VicFirth sticks/mallets.

SECOND PLACE winners will receive 2 pairs of VicFirth sticks/mallets.

THIRD PLACE winners will receive 1 pair of VicFirth sticks/mallets.

SWEEPSTAKES winners will receive $100.

*All award winners will receive an assortment of posters, stickers, lanyards, and keychains.



Virtual Solo Competition Details

RMPA is excited to offer a new virtual performance opportunity for performers — RMPA Virtual Solo Competition sponsored by VicFirth and Zildjian. In this event, performers will self-record their solo and submit their videos for adjudication.  Top performers will win prizes from our sponsors, and two overall “Sweepstakes” winners (1 Scholastic 1 Independent) will win $100 each!  



  • Scholastic Class: 18 years of age and under

    *Scholastic Class is open to all Colorado percussionists regardless of RMPA affiliation. 

    *19 year old performers who graduated during the 2019-20 school year may register in Scholastic Class

  • Independent Class: 19 years of age and above

    *Independent Class is open to all of the members of the 2020 RMPA Independent ensembles.



  • Open to any percussion instrument.  Specific categories will be established based on the entries we receive. 

  • Solos should be edited no more than 4 minutes in length, entries will be judged for the first 4 minutes only. 

  • Final Submission Deadline is November 2, 2020 at 11:59pm.  You must have your video submitted at this time to be part of the competition


Click HERE to register.  Video submission instructions will be provided via email after registration is paid for.



Click to download the 2020 RMPA Virtual Solo Contest Rules.

Click to download the 2020 RMPA Virtual Solo Judges Sheets

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