Staff/Volunteer of the Year

This award is presented to a member of the RMPA Contest Staff for their volunteer work above and beyond the call, and the tireless & Relentless efforts they put forward to help make the RMPA one of the premier percussion organizations of its kind, in the country.

2019 Recipients

Back When “Corps was Corps" (in the late 60’s American Legion/VFW days) Terry Found his love the marching arts when he marched baritone for the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps (Casper, WY). Since then he HAs had the pleasure of watching two of his children grow up in the RMPA/WGI indoor percussion scene and in Drum and bugle corps across the country. As a retired Choir teacher in Colorado, Terry could not stay away from the marching arts and In 2017 he joined the merchandise team for RMPA to help sell RMPA Swag at every contest. In 2019 Terry took on ordering and production of the merchandise In addition to serving as Volunteer coordinator for State Championships. Terry has more than answered the call for help and always performs his duties with a smile on his face.

2018 Recipients

2015 Recipients

As webmaster for the RMPA starting during the 2014 season, Ivan Fees has been an integral part of getting our new website up and running for us this year. He also stays vigilant committing many hours of his time by adding all the information for each show, contest results and other pertinent information to keep all of us informed on the very latest for RMPA. You know that when details get to Ivan, it will be on the website within a few hours… but most of the time within a few minutes! Thank you for all your hard work and time committed to the RMPA and the Performers.


Tyler found a passion for music in middle school where he played Clarinet. In high school he joined marching band and earned the positions of “Section Leader” and “Drum Major.” He found Winter Drumline his freshman year playing bass drum. He worked hard moving into snare where he played the next three years, and earning a state championship his senior year! After high school Tyler went to the School of Mines where he earned his electrical engineering degree. After being away from music for a few years he realized he missed it, and wanted to get involved again. Winter percussion was a big part of high school for him so he looked to give back. Tyler looks forward to Saturdays and being "Tape guy."

2014 Recipient

As media manager, Kayla's primary role is to upload judge commentary to the internet, but despite this tedious task, she always finds a way to have fun, and that attitude is contagious. Wether she is instructing judges on how to use our digital recorders, chatting with instructors about their shows, or queuing up music at the announcer's table, Kayla's positive attitude makes her a great ambassador for RMPA. She is RMPA's ray of sunshine, and is a true asset to the circuit.

2013 Recipients

A great deal of work goes into setting us every RMPA contest and making sure that the gym is ready for a day full of performances, but John Lawrence and mike a damson make it look easy and handle every detail to perfection. they are always ready to greet each ensemble as they come in to compete, and help set a welcoming atmosphere for the next group to perform. through their hard work, dedication and positive attitudes, they have been true assets to RMPA.

2012 Recipient

Every year, the entire RMPA volunteer staff works tirelessly to make this a great organization. however, RMPA goes through many changes each season and this is true for the volunteer staff as well. this year we saw the implementation of a new tabulation system, as well as the loss of two key members of our contest team.

Karrie has stepped up to not only take over the RMPA merchandise table, but has also been right there to take on any other task the organization has needed. through her hard work, selflessness, and positive attitude, Karrie has been a true asset to RMPA.

2011 Recipient

A year ago, the RMPA underwent a nearly complete turnover in the volunteer staff. this presented many challenges, but the organization also gained a wealth of new energy and new ideas. over these past two seasons, the entire RMPA volunteers staff has worked tirelessly to make this a great organization.

One of these new volunteers stepped into a role that is vital to RMPA and its members. handling the RMPA merchandise booth is no small task. from designing and or ding souvenirs to processing dvd sales, the jobs of the merchandise manager are virtually endless and yet Kim does all of this while hardly ever getting to see a performance. through her hard work, selflessness, and positive attitude, Kim has been a true asset to RMPA.

2010 Recipient

2010 was a challenging year for RMPA. the organization had several key volunteers and staff members step down, whose combined experience with RMPA totaled more than 35 years. while we thank those volunteers for the many years of dedication and service, we want to honor one of our volunteers who stayed on to help bring stability and experience to our management team.

Ginger had filled many roles for RMPA over the years, including those of judge hospitality, host liaison, and merchandise sales. this season, ginger took on the enormous responsibility of tabulation manager, stepping up to handle a multitude of fast. through her hard work, patience, and positive attitude, ginger has been a true asset to RMPA.

2009 Recipient

Souvenir Sales, T&P Judge, Executive Director, Finance Manager, Unit Pre-Staging

Spectator Ticket Sales, Parking Director ... you name it and Brent Worthington has done it. Brent has contributed in many capacities to RMPA, with his current primary role being that of Finance Manager.

It is due to his guardianship of our finances that we are able to withstand the impact of needing to reschedule the 2009 Championships.

After spending hours each week on our finances, he is here every Saturday, always willing to help in any capacity. For his sincere commitment to RMPA, we are happy to declare him the 2009 RMPA Volunteer of the Year.

2008 Recipients

For the 2008 season, the Volunteer of the Year awards were presented to Terri Worthington and Ginger Gainey.

Terri has been the mastermind behind all of the RMPA fund-raising that includes corporate sponsorships, souvenirs (from initial concept to the fabulous items for sale) as well as professional photo and video opportunities. RMPA benefits greatly from her strong business and people skills.

Ginger is a superb ambassador for RMPA. As one of the first contacts our judges have with RMPA, she coordinates all of their travel plans with precision and personal attention. As our host liaison, she provides booster associations with generous support to ensure that hosting an RMPA competition is an enjoyable and profitable activity.

Thank you to both Terri and Ginger for the time they cheerfully give and their "can-do" attitudes!

2007 Recipients

For the 2007 season, our gratitude and the Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Lissa & Charlie Nocera and Sandy & Ray Koons.

For many years, Lissa and Sandy have managed all aspects of the tabulation at RMPA competitions. During those same years, Charlie and Ray have been responsible for the RMPA equipment, contest site preparation and unit movement during the competitions.

They have been the consistent thread holding our tapestry together.

2001 Recipients

2000 Recipients

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